September family pix

Here are a couple of images from a little shoot we did a week ago:


Round_Corner_Grid 2

Lessons learned:

-no matter how great the background is, don’t choose a spot for family photos if swings are in sight. Guess where the kids’ eyes were the whole time!

– Hubby needs some fall clothes and shoes!

– even though I’ve lost some weight, skinny jeans are not my friend (at least not in photos where they can be viewed for eternity!)

Btw, I’m still having issues with my photos on Blogger. Part of the problem is that I’m trying a new way of putting photos in. In the past, I always uploaded my photos to Blogger and then edited the html code to get them in the size I wanted. I liked the size I could achieve that way but my photos always looked grainy online doing that (I thought maybe I was going too big but I think instead it has to do with Blogger’s method of compressing photos or something??? This stuff is too technical for me.) Anyway, I’m now copying code from my account on Flickr. Even in the largest size, the photos look good (not grainy) but I’m using a medium size so that I don’t have to mess (again) with my blog template. Anyway, now with the medium size photos, I’m having trouble getting them centered (and I do know a few tricks). Arghhh! I’ve been avoiding blogging all week because I just seem to be wasting my time trying to fix these issues.

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