Autumn leaves

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This photo is my favourite new photo of Ren. Doesn’t he look wise?

Knock on wood, we haven’t had a nasty day of wind or anything to rid the trees of their leaves in a hurry, so we’ve been enjoying a colourful fall with a nice sprinkling of colourful leaves on the ground but still plenty of leaves on the trees.

Kids always enjoy collecting leaves, don’t they? Claire and Ren both have their own preferences and techniques. In the photos below, note how Claire goes for the red / pink hues and collects them in a bouquet fashion, while Ren goes for the orange ones and holds on to them in a stack. Yet another difference between boys and girls – at least mine!

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My smirky boy:
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He loves his Kung Fu!
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Claire has been a little too “pose-y” lately. In the photo below, I was able to capture a small break in her pose. Yes, she still had her hand on hip just so, but her face is all natural (and ALL Claire!).
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I changed up the blog header again but I’m frustrated with its graininess. It bothered me too with my previous header. I think it’s due to Blogger but I’m not having luck with linking to Flickr instead for my header. Ideas anyone?

I just realized that these are the first photos I’m posting here where you can see Claire’s boo-boo on her forehead. A month ago, she plowed into the corner of the coffee table. The force of it literally gouged out a chunk of her head. Although very deep, stitches weren’t in order because of the nature of the gouge. We kept it very clean (and covered) for more than two weeks and were happy to see how well it healed. She’ll have a scar but hey, what kid escapes childhood without a scar on either their forehead or their chin?!

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  • AWesome. I wondered right away about her little head and the booboo! The colours are so beautiful in these shots.ReplyCancel

  • I LOVE that photo of Ren – t's stunning!

    Actually, I love them all, the colours the ambience of Autumn…there is nothing like it, and your photos depict it perfectly.

    Poor Claire…I bet that was painful. And also, I totally understand the frustration with blogger making your pictures grainy, I've been annoyed with the same myself. šŸ™‚

    Keep up the amazing pictures. You children are so beautiful.


  • I love the photo of Ren as well. The colors and lighting are perfect!

    I wish I knew how you make your headers… maybe you could share? I feel very uncreative with mine.ReplyCancel

  • Hah – I'm not creative with my headers either, Paige! I made this header using a free template just released from Florabella. Check out my wall on FB for the link to her freebie.ReplyCancel

  • Rae

    Ren sure is a handsome little man. šŸ™‚
    Poor Claire with her booboo, it looks like it was a nasty one.ReplyCancel

  • Claire's in good company because I have a deep forehead scar and it never bothered me because mom said it made me stronger! Ouch for Claire though, I bet that hurt.

    Love that shot of Ren.ReplyCancel

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