The scholar

Ren began preschool last week and is having a great time so far. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a star there! He’s one of the older kids in class and, having been there the year before, knows all about the routine. His teachers told me on the first day already that he was already acting as a role model for the other kids. Way to go, Ren! On the way home everyday, I love hearing him tell me all about his morning. On his very first morning there, he was already playing library. He has a great imagination.
In other Ren news, look who got glasses last week!!

He needs to wear them for “all learning opportunities”: reading / looking at books, drawing, in class, etc. He doesn’t need to wear them at soccer, Kung Fu and playing with his friends so he’ll probably wear them about half the time. Our optometrist said his vision issues are very likely hereditary, which is information I regard as especially important because any news we can get on his unknown origins is precious.

So far, Ren has taken to his new glasses very well. Doesn’t he look handsome and oh-so-very smart?!

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  • He is looking very smart in his check shirt and glasses! I'm glad to hear he is feeling very confident this year, and now for him to be a good role model for the other children, that's so great.

    Well done Ren!


  • He looks wonderfully handsome in his classes and he's so serious in the first picture. Sounds like he is really maturing.

  • Just when I thought he could not get any more handsome! Seriously, he looks so awesome with those glasses. Glad to hear you're having a great time at preschool Ren.ReplyCancel

  • I think the glasses look so cute on him… they make him look older than he is. I am glad he is enjoying preschool, when they get to be the "older" kid they really grow and mature and gain confidence.ReplyCancel

  • Ren, you look so handsome in your new glasses! Wait till the girls see this 🙂 So glad to hear Preschool is going well!

    The gang in PEIReplyCancel

  • Rae

    What a handsome boy!! Glad to hear you're having fun at school, Ren! Enjoy the year.ReplyCancel

  • What a handsome little man! The word scholar suits him. It's nice to know that he's being such a mentor for the other kids. It's great for him to be a bit of a big brother for once.ReplyCancel

  • Handsome dude, Ren! Keep up the good work in school – so proud of you.ReplyCancel

  • Great looking glasses Ren! Handsome boy indeed. And so great that he is so good in preschool. What lucky parents you and Paul are, Monica!!ReplyCancel

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