A few more Kindergarten images

Thanks for all your guesses about the little details in the last post. Most of you noticed Paul’s watch and the time. I like that the photo records the moment in real time. Did anyone notice there is a sticker on Paul’s watch? It’s been there for about two months. It seems that Paul can’t bear to remove it. Claire put that little crab sticker on his watch one morning as he left for work. He was expecting her to put it on his hand but she said it would wash away and that this was better. She was right: it’s stayed put! If you check out our family mini-shoot from a couple of weeks ago, you can see the sticker on his watch there too. It looks like Claire is playing with it in those photos.

Beth guessed that Claire was wearing an old sweater and skirt of mine. Well, that would have been good! But no, all new.

The only other detail that is particularly meaningful is that Claire is holding on to Paul’s pinky finger. That is often their version of “holding hands”. Beware: don’t try this with Ren. You may lose that finger forever!

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  • Claire will be the best dressed girl in that class I bet! Love the skirt. Keep in touch throughout this busy year… hopefully we can catch up at a mom's night out!ReplyCancel

  • Lovely photos! It's hard to believe our girls have come to this stage of their lives. They're growing up!
    Big hugs to Claire and Ren as they start their new school year.ReplyCancel

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