The cloche hat

Darn that Joe Fresh! One day while doing a rare grocery shop at Superstore, I innocently strolled past the children’s clothing section. I really should know better than to even glance in that direction because of course something caught my eye: this time it was a little cloche hat. Instantly, I conjured up images in my little brain of a 1920s-inspired photo shoot. I asked Claire if she’d be game and being the true girly-girl that she is, she was if it meant having a new accessory.

Now, the good thing about the Joe Fresh brand is that it is very inexpensive so we obtained this little hat for only $10. I promised my wallet that I wouldn’t shell out any more dough for the photo shoot – that I’d find things at home to work with the hat. And luckily, I did. Nothing we had to go with it is absolutely perfect but hey, we already had it and I am doing my best to be more frugal.

The night before the shoot, I did a bunch of small braids in Claire’s hair. I wanted smooth waves near her face with the rest of her hair tucked into a faux-bob in the back. With very little effort, I was able to achieve the look I was going for – hooray!!

So off we journeyed to our favourite haunt, Fort Edmonton Park. The photo opportunities are truly endless in the park.

In the next photo, I like that you can see a reflection of the streetcar in the window to the top-right of Claire. It had arrived across the street just moments before I snapped this photo.

Can you guess why Claire is smirking in the next shot? Yep, she knows she is standing next to a big sign that says “CANDIES” and she knows she and Ren are going to have a treat after the shoot!

Even with the great location that is Fort Ed, my favourite shots of the day are of Claire as she plays made-up games with Ren. They have such fun together, and it shows on her beautiful face.

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  • Beautiful photos Monica! I love that one of her laughing at Ren!ReplyCancel

  • Ha! I tried the same hat on Lilah but didn;t feel it suited her. It looks beautiful, these photos are just lovely, timeless really. I would love to see them in sepia!

    Also, I saw her shoes in Joe and kinda adored them too!


  • Lovely photos, they look like a scene from The Great Gatsby.
    I love Claire's bob, it suits her perfectly.ReplyCancel

  • These photos are truly precious!ReplyCancel

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