Sweet summer

Last night we visited a raspberry farm for the first time. We drive past it to and from Kung Fu every week and I decided yesterday was finally the time. It was a beautiful, warm evening and the mosquitoes weren’t even too bad.

The kids surprised me by being serious little pickers! Well, I knew Claire would be pretty into it; Baba and Dido have taken them both strawberry picking and they told me she worked hard! But Ren apparently wasn’t that into strawberry picking so I was pleasantly surprised last night when I saw him bending down low for the ripest berries and reaching far into the bush for ones that caught his eye. I think it almost became like a game or even an addiction for them; once they knew how to spot the ripe ones, they couldn’t stop picking them!

When Claire is really focused on something, her eyebrows look like this:

In addition to the usual pink raspberries, this farm also had Honeyqueens, a light orange raspberry. Guess who was enthralled with the orange berries?!

I was also surprised by how few raspberries the kids actually ate in the patch. I bet I could count their consumables on one hand (per kid). They really were that busy just picking, picking, picking.

When we got home, what a sweet little feast we had! I think the Honeyqueens were actually the favourite. Paul missed out on this little adventure so we may have to return to the raspberry farm again soon for more of these yummy berries.
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  • This year the crop is incredible! We've been picking at two neighbours and there's more than all of us can deal with. Those honey queens look yummy. Lovely shotsReplyCancel

  • Yummy yummy yummy! I've never seen the orange honeyqueens before, but they look delicious!

    I love the kiddies little berry picking containers – they are super handy! Lilah would have been gorging on them, in fact she made me buy a few packets of them tonight and had one raspberry on each of her ten fingers before I got the grocery bags unpacked!

    Oh, and Claire and Lilah's concentration frown is quite similiar! Ha!


  • Both Ren and Claire look like pure joy with their treasures!ReplyCancel

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