Near the beginning of our great Saskatchewan adventure, we went to visit our friends Kelley and Paul.
Kelley and I have been friends since we were five.

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.  ~John Leonard
Kelley and her Paul have been together for several years now, just not quite as long as me and my Paul. One thing I’m grateful for is that our Pauls get along famously.
I always find it interesting to see what people bring to each other in terms of relationships. I can see how Kelley and Paul enrich each other’s lives in so many ways.

I didn’t know Paul before he and Kelley became a couple but I’m pretty sure she brought a new sense of everyday fun to his life and encouraged more travel which they both thoroughly enjoy.
One of the obvious things I can see that Paul introduced to Kelley is the amazing companionship of a pet, first with the late Kiowa and now with Kino (both Alaskan Malamutes). Kelley had never had a pet before but you’d never know it with her ease and comfort with these massive dogs.

Like most parents, I’m always cautious when my kids are around pets we don’t know really, really well. But each time we see Kino, I’m put at ease very quickly. He is such a gentle giant. I’ve never met a dog more docile with children. Both Claire and Ren felt very comfortable around Kino immediately. He made a huge impression on my kids!
Last summer, Kelley and Paul became godparents to Ren. Kelley has always felt like family to me and now she and Paul both are!
Friends are relatives you make for yourself.  ~Eustache Deschamps
When my Paul was taking pictures of Kelley and me together, the wind was wreaking havoc with my hair. The funny thing was, it was catching my hair only; Kelley’s was all still in place. She joked that it was not very nice of me to bring my own wind machine and not share it with her. 
I am truly blessed to have Kelley as a friend – in addition to several other women from my childhood. I cherish all of my “newer” friends as well but there is something just so special about an old friend.

Two days after our visit, I turned 37. I think the following quote perfectly sums up one of the best things about getting older:

Say what you want about aging, it’s still the only way to have old friends.  ~Robert Brault
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  • Lovely photos. That dog is absolutely beautiful – and massive! I love the one of Ren with Kino.ReplyCancel

  • The photos are awesome.

    I think you need to get Ren one of those dogs.ReplyCancel

  • I adore that second shot of the couple together. You can tell they too are best friends.

    How lovely to have such a lasting friendship.


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