Family mini-shoot

I had planned to use my nifty wireless remote to take photos of our family myself. Why bother someone else to click the button when I can do it myself?! And I had only used it twice before so I was really itching to play with it some more. But alas, I must have inadvertently left the receiver on the last time I used it and the battery died. I had checked the transmitter before we left and saw that it worked and assumed it was all right. In all my great prepared-ness, the one thing I didn’t think of for our family photo-shoot was an extra set of batteries for that darn thing.

So there we were, all prettied up, in a park across town, with the gorgeous evening light fading fast, with nothing but the self-timer to rely on for family photos. Sigh.

What was supposed to be a full-on, multi-pose family photo session became a mini-shoot instead. With only two poses. And Paul and myself taking turns running up and pressing the button to set the timer. Argh. The good news is that out of the ten or so photos we ended up taking, I really like a couple. (A few weren’t in focus so weren’t even in the running.)

I cropped the following photo from a larger family photo. Ren and I looked crazy but as you can see, Paul and Claire look fantastic.

It wasn’t until after we had done the run, click, pose routine several times that I realized I didn’t really like our setup. If I were to do it again – which we certainly weren’t at that point! – I would have made sure we didn’t have tree bark right behind our heads. Our hair kinda gets lost in it all. Oh well. Live and learn.

Paul was not willing to let the opportunity go to waste and suggested he take some photos of me all gussied up. I’m usually very camera shy but I have dropped more than a few pounds (maybe a separate post on that in the future) and am trying to be more open to being photographed.

After my turn in front of the camera, I trained my camera once again on the kiddos for a few minutes.





I may try for another family photo shoot in the fall – for the photos as well as the experience.  I’ll have extra batteries for my remote just in case.


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  • Such a beautiful family. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Absolutely beautiful family photos, Monica! And you my friend…super model beautiful!!! Wowzers!


  • Gorgeous gorgeous family shots, you are too hard on your set-up – I think it's perfect and you all look perfect. I especially love your dress, it's beautiful on you and you look stunning.


  • Beautiful shots. You look amazing! But you are always beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • I realize that I always say how much I love your photos but these are fantastic and Monica, you truly look beautiful – as always!ReplyCancel

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