The reunion: highlights of days 1 and 2

Okay, so I’m back to doing this in chronological order. There’s no way I could keep things straight otherwise!

Arrival day was a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. We all gathered at the airport to welcome our friends flying in from Ontario and PEI.

In between the two arrivals, we visited at Rae, Girard’s and Bryn’s. The kids (minus the two who had yet to arrive) happily agreed to the first of many group photos:

Our first full day together began at the Forestry Farm (the local zoo). Touring the zoo as a big group reminded me so much of our adoption trip, except that this time, the kids weren’t in strollers and Baby Bjorns.

Looking at the grizzly bears:

It was cute to see that Claire and Jaida quickly established a friendship:

Paul and Ren check out the badger:

One family in our group rented a wagon at the zoo for their kids. It soon became a hot commodity and their children graciously shared the wagon with their friends. I think everyone but Elspeth – who had her own stroller – took a turn on the prized wagon.

Shea filled the kids in on a secret about the wolves: if you run back and forth beside their pen, they’ll follow you. And sure enough, one wolf did!

I wonder how much Shea ended up shelling out for all the seeds for feeding to the deer; she was the only parent with quarters!

Some random cuteness:

At the playground within the zoo, the mamarazzi got snap-happy while the dads played with the kids:

And once again, the children cooperated with some group photos.

The Guangdong pals, Ren and Jaida, couldn’t escape the mamarazzi either. Ren tried to play it cool with the beautiful Jaida but we weren’t fooled: she definitely made an impression!

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