One of our favourite places

We visit Fort Ed on a weekly basis if not more often during the summer. It’s beautiful there, and there is so much to do: lots of games, rides and animals for the kiddos, and lots of gorgeous scenery and backgrounds for me to photograph!

We especially love the 1920s midway. It’s a small little feature but it’s perfect for the age of our kids. There is a stunning full-size carrousel (not pictured – I think I have a gazillion pictures from other trips, though!), a ferris wheel, two beautifully-crafted and fun kiddie rides and several carnival games.

The kids LOVE the fishing pond:

And the bug swings:

The mini-carrousel:

And the big one too (not pictured but Ren is sitting in a wagon on the carrousel here):

This game gives them the opportunity to show off how strong they are:

And nothing more than a boardwalk rail is required for this daring (and time-consuming!) feat of balance!

The Fort is only a five-minute drive from our place so we often go on a whim. This particular day, though, we had our visit planned in advance so I got the kids dressed up in coordinating ensembles.

I can’t decide which of these two pictures I like the best. I guess I really just love them both! I think they look like a little couple from the olden days, about to go on their first date. The boy is playing cool, while the girl looks hopeful and optimistic.

At the park, there are several different types of animals (cows, sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens, etc.) but the big draw for Claire and Ren is the horses. 

Nearly every visit involves a pony ride. Here, Claire is riding Homer. Ren rode Bart that day.

There is even a little playground at the Fort Ed. It’s not huge but that’s just fine with Claire and Ren; they are only interested in the swings anyway. Honestly, I think Ren would swing all day if we let him!

With so many older buildings in various colours, there are always lots of photo ops. I loved the bluish-gray colour of this building so I asked Claire to stand against it for a photo. What does she do but pull out her fan – her prize from the fishing pond – and strike a sophisticated little pose! What a stinker.

I love photographing Ren and lately, he’s been much more tolerant of my snap-happy ways. His eyes reflect the light so amazingly well, it takes my breath away. I tried out a retro vintage action on the following photo. I think it suits it.

This next photo “aches me” (to quote from Claire when she complains of a boo-boo). I love Ren’s expression so much in the photo below but you can see that his face, particulary his eyes, aren’t perfectly in focus (compare his eyes to the visor part of his hat, for example). There’s a bit of a blur. I tried to make it work by adding a vintage haze to it – so that it’s all a bit hazy / blurry – but I know the truth! Arghhhh.

This little collage / series captures a funny moment reminiscent of Claire and Ava’s recent photo shoot. Ren really, really, really wanted to smooch Claire. And she really, really, really didn’t feel like smooching!

Check out that last frame: Ren was not going to let her resist any longer! I’ll have to remember to chat with him about this when he begins dating!

Lastly, here’s another vintage-style photo. I thought the kids were looking at each other so sweetly here, and something about their clothes, the setting and Ren’s long hair (oops, gotta get it cut!) made me think of the olden days. (As an aside, I should add here that I do not mean my olden days, as Claire likes to call my earlier years; I mean the olden days as in the 1940s or 50s!). I added a vintage action to it as well as a vintage texture to make it look like it’s been carried around in a fella’s wallet for quite some time.

We spent Canada Day at Fort Ed too so in a couple of days, I’ll be posting more pix from our favourite place. I tried to mix it up a bit that day though!

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  • OK seriously, there are no words! I'm so jealous:) EAch one is so perfect. PErhaps I'm just miffed b/c I took the girls to the museum tonight and not so great! Just not the same as C&A's night – not that I could have expected that but some were blurry and I'm not sure why – camera wouldn't take for a bit etc. so not sure what was going on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with the kids and the blurry horse in the background. And the fish pond ones look like they could come from a magazine. You totally rock!ReplyCancel

  • Fabulous fabulous photos. All of them. And Ren's hat is perfect for that era in time. Perfect.ReplyCancel

  • Awesome photos, the last one is so sweet. Ren's hat is great! — he looks like he fits right in with the "olden days" stuff. We'll have to put Ford Ed on our list of places to visit next time we're in Edmonton.ReplyCancel

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