Group hugs

One of the highlights of our trip to Saskatchewan was a reunion with five other families from our 2007 China adoption trip. When we received little baby Claire in Jiangxi China four and a half years ago, we shared the experience with several other Canadian families who also received babies from Xinyu city. All girls were born within two and a half months of each other. We spent two weeks together in China following that eventful day and, following the trip, several of us remained in close touch, sometimes even emailing every day, especially during that first year home.
We are so fortunate to see three of Claire’s “Xinyu sisters” on a fairly regular basis, as Ava lives in our city and we see Caia and Bryn whenever we visit family back in Saskatchewan. But we had not seen two of the girls, Maeve and Kennedy, for four and a half years. This was a reunion we were particularly looking forward to, as Claire, Maeve and Kennedy spent their first months of their lives together in the same foster home.
I don’t even know where to start with all of my reunion photos, and I am too impatient to go in chronological order. So what the heck, I may as well start with a big Xinyu sister group hug.
Here are the girls gathering for a big hug:

Love, love, love:

The girls are wearing coordinating skirts that I made and sent them for their birthdays. When I made them, I never dreamed I’d actually get to see them all on the girls in real life! We took a gazillion group shots of the girls together in their skirts but these may just be my favourites.
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  • Awesome photos of girls hugging and awesome skirts froma lady that says "Oh no, I'm not a talented seamstress!" I don't believe it for a second!

    So nice Claire got to see her 'sisters' from foster care, how special.


  • I absolutely love all the photos, can't possibly comment on them all. This is my favorite post of all the reunion pix. It makes me cry because we miss everyone but makes my heart so happy to see the girls together, sharing a big group hug. They truly look like they've been friends forever. We're so incredibly happy we were all able to be together and so very blessed to have each other.
    Awesome photos, Monica, thanks for capturing so many special moments. (I'm hoping for copies!)ReplyCancel

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