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Happy belated Canada Day! This is a day I celebrate unabashedly. I truly love this country and I feel so fortunate to live here.

I began celebrating Canada Day – dressing up, feeling more patriotic, etc. – shortly after we adopted Claire when her Canadian citizenship came through just days before July 1. Of course, I had to buy a cute little outfit for our family’s newest little Canadian! Since then, dressing up and making a Canada Day cake (or at least partaking of one!) has been a family tradition for us.

I hope Claire and Ren will always be proud Canadians like they are now. But just as importantly, I hope they will always remember and feel pride in their country of birth as well (we will certainly foster that!). Say what you will about China’s politics but there is no denying the fascinating history, culture, language and landscape of China. On Canada Day, I can’t help but remember what they lost when they became citizens of our beautiful country (China doesn’t allow dual citizenship.)

These little collages are for the kids’ memory books.

Tomorrow morning, the kids and I are heading off to Saskatoon for nearly two and a half weeks. We are so excited about all the adventures ahead of us. In addition to spending time with our families there, we will be visiting Kelley and Paul in Regina (Ren’s godparents) and then … something we’ve been waiting five years for … Claire will be reunited with Kennedy and Maeve, her China foster sisters! We are so looking forward to seeing these girls and their families again. Ava and her family from our city will be there as well, and of course, our two Saskatoon families too. Ren will have a special person to connect with there too. For those who remember Ren’s adoption blog, you may recall that there was a family we were travelling with a second time. Carolyn and Marvin (parents of Kennedy) adopted Jaida on the same day in the same city – the SAME ROOM! – as Ren. These two may not have “Xinyu sisters” like Claire and Kennedy have but they have a special Guangdong Pal in each other.
Have a wonderful couple of weeks, everyone!
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  • So, so, SO excited!! See you soon!
    And Happy Belated Canada Day!ReplyCancel

  • Happy Canada Day! I love that photo of you chasing Ren….

    Have a wonderful time and reunion in Saskatoon!ReplyCancel

  • These pictures are so red white and beautiful! I agree with Paige, the photo of you chasing Ren is priceless! They're all beautiful and I love these collages for their memory books.

    Happy belated Canada Day and enjoy your time with family and the reunions! Oh, and take lots of pictures! I probably didn't have to say that though! 🙂


  • In scanning these pictures, I feel as though I spent the day with you at Fort Edmonton – beautiful as ever!ReplyCancel

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