Summer holidays are here!

I am a happy mama. The kids are officially done school!  Everyone who knows me hears all about our pain-in-the butt schedule this past year, with Claire in school in the mornings, Ren in school in the afternoons, separate lunch times because of it and lots of driving to and fro. I am so very thrilled to just have free time with both kiddos for two months! (That said, our summer is pretty “scheduled” with exciting visits, etc. but it’s all fun, fun, fun so it’s okay!)

As our first non-school day together, we went riding the rails. Well, a streetcar anyway, and not just any street car: one that goes across the river on top of our city’s high level bridge. It’s a fun trip from near the downtown area across the river to a heritage district. When I worked downtown, my friends and I used to hop the streetcar in the summer months to go for lunch across the river. It was great to do it again but this time with the kids!

Claire was a little afraid of the view from high up on the bridge! Right after I took the following picture, she made me switch spots with her. The once sought-after window seat was no longer attractive to my little girl.

And what did we do once we reached the other side of the river? Ah, with these two kids, there was only one answer:

After lolly-gagging around Whyte Ave for a bit, we hopped back on the trolley.

With plenty of day left, we made a quick shopping stop to pick up a couple of hats for Ren (featured below as well in a plenty of future posts, I’m sure), and then headed out for a bit more playtime.

The kids were even kind enough to hold still (sort of) for a few quick snaps!

I just love this little top / dress. Our friends Kelley and Paul bought it for Claire when they were in Mexico. The yellow and other bright colours are so striking with Claire’s dark hair.

And as for Ren, what can I say? Such a very handsome fella.

Stay tuned for more frequent posts. With our relaxed schedule, I actually have time to play with the kids and spend time on my hobby!

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  • Ohhh, your pictures are stunning as always Monica! I love Ren's hat and that last picture of him is incredible, stunning actually.

    I love that streetcar and can tell the littles enjoyed the ice-cream visit! I'd have been moving seats with Claire. Heights are not my thing either!

    Three cheers to carefree summer days!

  • Boo for running around. Yay for summer relaxation especially because the weather looks so beautiful. Gorgeous pictures of the day. Monica, how do you keep the clip in the front of Claire's hair?ReplyCancel

  • Dawn, my friend Shea makes the best hair clips and bows! They have little grips on them and they always stay in place. I think I have a link to her site on this blog but if not, you can find her at http://www.hamiltonhairbows.weebly.comReplyCancel

  • So glad to hear you will be posting more often! These shots are great. I agree with Claire that that train going over the high level bridge is way too high…

    Looks like a great little trip to try though and I may have to attempt it!ReplyCancel

  • That last one is amazing! I think I can see you in those big eyes:) So so handsome that boy – and Claire's not bad too – he heReplyCancel

  • Your blog has fantastic pictures…. thanks for sharing with us!!singapore holidayReplyCancel

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