Willing models … what?!

We were lucky to have gorgeous weather this past Monday. We ended up going to the John Walter Museum in the river valley. It wasn’t open for the season yet but it was still really nice to walk around and explore. Besides, the river valley trails are right there, and it was great to see all the people out jogging, biking and walking.

Shortly after we arrived there, Claire saw a small stone structure / sign, and said, “I’ll pose here for you”. What?????!!! I don’t have to beg?! So needless to say, I agreed. She even chose a spot with the same lighting I would have chosen: in the shade out of the harsh shadows of mid-day.

This was the second photo I took of her and I love it:

I do think she looks older than her five years here but I can tell that’s exactly what she was going for! She tells me she thinks this little gray jacket makes her look like a grown-up and I can see here that she was giving me a sophisticated little look. I think it’s cute and beautiful at the same time.

And then Ren, not to be outdone by his sis, gave me this killer face with his very first shot:

Doesn’t he look like an actual model?! I certainly won’t be pursuing a child career for him but wow, he is a handsome boy.

He had such a serious look in the photo above but the next couple of ones are more typical:

I didn’t capture any of his mega-watt smiles this time, perhaps because he was so aware of the camera. When he knows I want a smile for a photo, he now offers me, in a very earnest fashion, the fakest smile you could ever see.

My little woodsman checking out the logpile:

Ren’s favourite colour is orange, so I asked him to stand several feet in front of an orange-trimmed window in the hope that I could capture his face framed by the orange trim. Again, Mr. Serious:

We really didn’t visit this place so that I could take portraits but I kept seeing things I wanted to capture. Thankfully the kids were happy to oblige. (Who knows why, but I’m not questioning it!) In the photo below, I really liked the cyan colour on the stone and thought it would play off the colour of Claire’s pinwheel. While Claire held in position, Ren performed some silly tricks to make her laugh. The result, particularly in the second photo below, is classic Claire:

It’s not wet here anymore but Ren still wants to wear his rubber boots every day. I don’t mind. There is something so cute about a little boy in rubber boots. In the photo below, I think it looks like he’s just knocked on a friend’s door and is about to say, “Can Brody come out to play?”

It really grosses me out but I didn’t have the heart to not allow the kids to play with “treasures” they found while exploring the grounds. Ren found feathers and Claire found ribbon and multi-coloured yarn. Yuck. Where’s the hand sanitizer when I need it?!

Ren was the only one to find bird feathers, despite Claire’s best search efforts. Here, I was interviewing him about his master skills of feather-collecting. He was hilariously animated in his response, as he feigned humbleness and surprise at his sheer luck:

Claire waits for her brother at her chosen picnic table. He was still at his preferred table but he soon gave in to her demands.

I’m not sure why Ren was under the table here. He wasn’t pouting or anything.

In fact, he was quite playful:

And that concludes one of our latest little adventures. Stay tuned for more Easter photos still to come!

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  • Beautiful children!! I especially love Claire's older girl photo, where she said, "I will pose here" — what a smartie! And Ren's serious faces are totally awesome. Glad you are getting nicer weather. I really love seeing the outdoor pics!ReplyCancel

  • I love the first two photos, and Claire in that beautiful gray coat… gorgeous. Ren's face in the photo with the feathers made me laugh! They are too cute!ReplyCancel

  • LOL! I am laughing about Claire having the upper hand and making Ren submit to her picnic table wishes! She's too funny!

    I have to agree, that first photo of Claire is so so gorgeous, her hair clip and jacket and nail polish, it's all so perfect together! She indeed looks older than her 5 years. Sigh! And that photo of Ren with the orange framed window behind him is super. I love how you did that! He is a handsome boy, ready to break a few womens heart, first off being his poor Moms! Or maybe not! Maybe he'll always be a Mommy's boy! 🙂

    Adorable. Looks like a beautiful day out. Glad you're getting some nice weather and sunshine! Isn't it great to photograph in natural outside light again?! Long reign spring!


  • You have excellent posers! Love all the pix, so sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Wow, they look so old in these photos! Beautiful photos. I really like the picnic table photos.ReplyCancel

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