Tiny dancer

Today, Claire had her professional photos for her dance class. She had photos taken individually, as well as in her little dance group. We had fun getting her all dolled up this morning in preparation!

Note: all of the photos in this post were taken by moi, not the pro.

We were given very detailed written requirements for her makeup and hair. We were told what brand and colour of eye shadow, blush and lipstick to buy. And we knew we had to go curly with the ‘do, so curly we went. To hold the curl in her straight-as-an arrow hair, I applied product liberally!

I took these photos at our house before we went for the professional photos, and I’m glad I did; I got to see the professional photos of Claire after they were taken and she had her fake smile on for the pro. These are more her. Especially the next couple of photos. What would a blog post be without Claire’s nose scrunched up in laughter?

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  • Gorgeous! Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • It's such a beautiful pink on her:) Beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • She is just so so beautiful and lilac is totally her colour. That last picture needs to be enlarged and hung on a wall, her laugh and nose crinkle is simply the best!


  • She just looks so delicious, so girlie. I'm sure your pictures were better than the pros for more than just Claire's expression.ReplyCancel

  • Just lovely, such a pretty ballerina. I'm guessing you did a far nicer job than the pros, Bryn's dance photos don't look anything like her!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful! You definitely captured Claire. I love the nose scrunch too.ReplyCancel

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