High flying

Over the Easter weekend, we flew kites with the kids for the first time. Claire received a beautiful dragon kite from her friend for her birthday, and Ren had a choice of a Nemo kite and a McQueen kite. We ended up using all three.

Claire and her new kite:

What is it about flying a kite that fills a child with such joy?

Somehow, the simple act of flying a nylon contraption becomes a magical event. Hooray for simple pleasures!

Awaiting supplies for the inevitable kite repair (just a few crashes!):

Eventually it became too windy to fly, so our adventure was abandoned.

Till next time!

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  • I love that Claire's outfit matches the kite to perfection! Her kite is beautiful, it looks like it's maybe from China?

    I bought one for Lilah while we were in China, since the history is that kites originated there (I think?). It's a pink butterfly, made of silk and seems too fragile to fly?! Anyway, her request to the Easter bunny was for a kite and he left her a Dora one! She's been begging me ever since if she can go out and fly it, but it's been a bit too rainy around here unfortunately. And then the one day it wasn't raining last week, we had 100km wind gusts, from some left over crazy tornado in the U.S., I assume. So yeah, it wouldn't have lasted a second out there! Maybe the weather will be more cooperative this week.

    Btw, good to hear from you again! I always miss your blog posts!


  • I noticed the same thing about the outfit – With you I'm assuming that wasn't by accident? LOL. Lovely kite pics. It does seem like it's either no wind or terrible wind. I'm sure there will be other perfect days.ReplyCancel

  • I love the idea of flying kites and kids always get such joy out of it… but parents just get the frustration of the crashing and repairing!

    They are beautiful photos and Claire's kite is very pretty.ReplyCancel

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