Spring? When will you stay?

We’ve had a couple of false starts to Spring so far this year and we are soooo ready for it to arrive – and stay – once and for all. Today wasn’t too bad but we still have a fair bit of snow on the ground from last week’s blizzardy weather.

Have I mentioned how much I love Mondays? I know, most people don’t like them, and I didn’t either when I worked outside the home. But now I like them because it’s the one day where I get the entire afternoon (of the weekdays, that is) with both kids. All other days, I usually have only one kiddo at a time, morning and afternoon, because of their conflicting school schedules. I look forward to having them both in morning school next year so that we’ll have all of our afternoons for play and activities together.

Today was the day for Easter eggs. Each year, as the kids get older, they are able to do more and more themselves without making the work area an utter disaster. This year, they did it all themselves. Number of eggs broken or cracked? Zero. Messiness factor? Zero. Such big kids they are! I enjoy this activity with them so much.

We went searching for pussy willows afterwards. I had hoped to find a bunch for our home but didn’t have any lunch finding the full branches I had in mind. We only saw ones like this:

Does anyone know a great source for these in Edmonton? We were in the river valley near the zoo and it was slim pickings there. Maybe we were just too early?

We had fun anyway, though. There is a little park near there that we sometimes visit so our pussy-willow hunt turned into a trip to the park.

The kids like to take turns pushing each other on the swings. It’s quite a gong show, really, because when Claire has to push, she can barely push him forward and then she always gets solidly whacked as he swings backwards. Nevertheless, they both have fun!

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  • Thanks for the reminder. I volunteered to do all the ones for the Easter breakfast on Sunday!! Those are very crisp photos, and I love the earrings Claire! The park ones are so fun too. Sorry I can't help with the hunt. No ideas. The swing story reminds me of SK last year. Remember how you warned Ava about pushing Ren and protecting it – I have a photo of her that looks like she's holding her nose like there's a bad smell, not protecting it!!ReplyCancel

  • I think it may be too early for pussywillows yet… this winter is taking way to long to leave! I love the sticker earrings too. Enjoy your Easter!ReplyCancel

  • I've been asking myself that question for a month now! Where on earth is Spring?!

    The eggs look so pretty and isn't that great that the mess is less! Haha! Although I don't mind the mess when it's an artsy mess – funny that! Because otherwise, I can hardly stand an untidy mess!

    What super perfect shots you captured of Ren at the park. The lighting is awesome, did you use your flash as well? So so beautiful.

    Here's hoping you don't get any more snow…us too! Although we have none lying on the ground now, it's all melted, so I guess that is a plus!

    Happy Easter!

  • Jill, no flash on those pics but I did enhance them on PS with a little soft center light action!

    Happy Easter to you too!ReplyCancel

  • Wow – There is hope for Spring – thanks for the beautiful reminder with wonderful pics of the kids!ReplyCancel

  • Ren is such a handsome little boy. And good to know that crafts used to turn into a total mess, bcs my little one is in that stage. Good to know your little ones are growing into big kids now and so clean! That's awesome! Easter prep looks like so much fun. Hope you get the real Spring soon. We are also waiting. I still have my winter wool jacket by the door!!ReplyCancel

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