Saskatoon trip, part two: Grandma’s house

Certain things are a constant at Grandma’s house: storytime, kitchen hockey, and tea.
Like most grandparents probably, my mom has a vast collection of children’s books. Many date from my childhood (and that of my 6 siblings) but many are quite new: Mom regularly visits the library and buys withdrawn books with spare change (literally). She can’t resist a beautifully told or illustrated story!
One of the special things about storytime with Grandma is that she has several “record and book” sets – and the requisite record player! The Pussycat Tiger, and Peter and the Wolf are two favourites. It’s neat to see my kids enjoy these relics of days past!

My mom, being the mother of five boys, doesn’t shy away from activities that could scuff up walls and baseboards, or break things. She allows – no, encourages – the kids to play hockey with miniature sticks in her kitchen. My 8-year old nephew, Liam, is at Grandma’s before and after school, as well as many lunch hours. When she and Liam are alone, she plays hockey with him. When Ren was there, Ren was only too happy to join in the play. Claire played for a while but soon found a more appropriate role for herself: a loud-mouthed ref. (This tiny peanut has a BIG voice!) When Liam wasn’t there, Grandma played hockey with Ren. (Now that would be a great picture! Unfortunately I missed those photo ops as it was usually when I was trying to sleep for a few more minutes, in the shower, or sewing).

All of my photos in Grandma’s house are super-grainy because of the high ISO I used, but I kinda like them that way.

And last but not least, tea with Grandma. When I visit, we always use her special tea cups. My mom received several china tea cups as bridal shower gifts back in 1963. She still has most of them and they form a mismatched but sweetly harmonious collection of the type of bone china that was available in small-town Saskatchewan in 1963. I have my favourites:
“The one with the yellow roses” (a no-name cup and saucer that I have a soft spot for):

And “the one with the pink roses and scalloped edges”:

One time when Mom and I were at Home Sense, we spotted this little cup and saucer with sweet peas on it (I adore sweet peas) and “April” written inside. It was perfect for Claire, an April baby:
We offered Ren something that we thought was more “manly” than Mom’s flowery tea cups: a clear punch mug instead. He seemed to think it was suitable too.

I don’t have photos of the kids’ time with Paul’s parents but I can imagine the fun they had! Just to name a few things they did: they visited their Great-Baba, went bowling and mini-golfing for the first time, baked cookies, went to the Fun Factory and a playplace at a mall.
Thank you to my mom and Paul’s parents for creating such special memories with Claire and Ren!
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  • Welcome home! Sounds like you all had an amazingly fun time!

    I love that your parents have the old records and books! I have a few Milly Molly Mandy books and cassette tapes to give to Lilah when she gets a bit older, and I thought those were old! Haha! 🙂

    Love those teacups and saucers too. There is something special about drinking out of them! Grandmas must all have them! I love sweet peas too. My grandma's garden was full of them.

    I would love to have seen shots of Grandma playing hockey! Wow! She is pretty amazing! I bet the kids more than love her!

    So glad to see you back online – sharing your stories and photography with us! 🙂 I have to admit, I love that shot of the teacup with the steam coming out. Amazing capture.


  • Those are some great shots of the tea cups. And I love the black and white shots too.

    I had those record books when I was little, with my own little record player… how special that your mom has kept these things to use with her grandchildren!ReplyCancel

  • Wonderful wonderful post Monica!!! I LOOOOOVE the teacup photos you took. So beautiful indeed. You have such wonderful memories of your childhood, (so does Geoff) and I am sure your children will have everlasting memories too <3 Thanks so much for sharing these.ReplyCancel

  • So cool that your mom still has those record books and what a treat for the kids to be able to experience some of what you had as a little girl.

    It's pretty tough to beat a visit to grandma's house, isn't it? Your mom's house sounds like good place for kids to be kids!ReplyCancel

  • Looks like a wonderful time. I love the teacups and what's tea without cookies? So nice to be able to share your childhood with your own children.ReplyCancel

  • Those tea cups are beautiful. Just last month Caia chose a few tea cups from great grandma Rose's collection, and she chose the ones with the roses. I thought that was so fitting. Our cups look a lot like the ones in your photos. Beautiful.ReplyCancel

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