Nothing if not passionate

Ren has a thing for the guitar. He air strums to tunes all the time, and talks about how he wants to take guitar lessons when he’s a little older. We’re all for it! His Dido even bought a little guitar for their house for when Ren visits. Quite often during holidays, all the men in the house play guitar together: Paul’s dad, Paul, his brother Dorian and now Ren.

Can you tell he’s really into it?

No? How about now?

We watched one of my all-time favourite movies awhile ago – the School of Rock – and both kids loved it. “Duey”, aka Ned Schneebly, made quite an impression on Ren as you can see from Ren’s moves. Ren is turning out to be a huge ham. Perfect for the stage someday, huh?

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