We’re getting excited

We are going on vacation very soon and we can’t wait!

We’ve been busy getting ready. Do the characters on the kids’ new shoes give you any hints about where we are going?

It is somewhere we hope to see crabs and other marine life …

Okay, here’s your final hint:

Yes! We are going to Maui for two, glorious weeks. February is a very special month to us because we adopted both children in February. With two Forever Family Days and our terrible Canadian winter, it’s a great time to get away and celebrate being a little family of four! I am especially excited because it’s the first time Paul will be on holidays for more than one week at a time in years, not counting our adoption trips which were anything but stress-free! He needs this vacation, and the kids are going to LOVE having Daddy around for two weeks like this. Bring on the fun!

I probably won’t blog much, if at all, but I will be backing up my photos to my pro Flickr account quite often. You can check the photos out here if you’d like:

Have a great couple of weeks, everyone! To Carolyn, Marvin, Jaida and Kennedy, we’ll be thinking of you on Ren and Jaida’s shared Forever Family Day!

ps – thanks to Rod and Marianne for these fun souvenirs from their trips to Maui in the past!

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  • Have a wonderful, relaxing time and be sure to soak up enough sun and heat to bring back with you!

    I'll check out Flickr while you're away, maybe I can catch some virtual rays.

    The kids look like they will fit right in with the locals in Maui! Too cute. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Have an awesome time! I look forward to your photos as well…ReplyCancel

  • Have a wonderful trip, guys! We will also be thinking of you all and our special Guangdong boy on February 23rd! xoxReplyCancel

  • Great to see all the smiles and the 'crab hat' and hula outfit – Have a wonderful time – We just know that you will. We look forward to all the pictures and our 'vitual visit' to Maui.ReplyCancel

  • Oops – meant to say 'virtual' – need new glasses!ReplyCancel

  • Oh, I am soooooo jealous. I wish you all a WONDERFUL trip. Enjoy your time together. I look forward to seeing some pics.ReplyCancel

  • Awesooooooome! You will all have SOOOO much fun! You will love the heat (as did Geoff), and the beach. Can't wait to see all your pics. Enjoy the tiny beach crabs — if you toss some tiny dried coconut shells in their direction, they chase at them as if it's an enemy — it's so hilarious!ReplyCancel

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