The joy of love {generations} and kindergarten registration

Today, I’m combining a recent Joy of Love theme – generations – with a big step in our lives: registering Claire for Kindergarten. Maybe you are wondering how the heck these two subjects relate. Read on – I’ll tell you in my usual long-winded way!

This picture represents three generations: my mom, myself and my daughter, Claire.

Claire and kinder skirt square with name

Mom made this little outfit for me (as well as a “big sister” outfit for my sister) back in the 1970s.  I wore it for my Kindergarten class and individual photos. I remember being very proud of my pretty outfit and my little heart necklace (different from the one shown; the original was lost that very day of my Kindergarten photos). I might have worn this outfit for my first day of school too but I’m not certain of that.

As of today, we registered Claire for Kindergarten and I thought it apropos that she model this little ensemble.

My dad used to say that a child is ready for Kindergarten when he or she can reach over the top of their head and touch their opposite ear. Claire can’t quite reach yet but hey, September is quite a few months away!

349 copy

Claire and Ren both like to cheat on this test by putting their arms around the back of their heads instead of on top:

365 copy
363 copy

Aside from this physical little test of readiness, we are confident that Claire is ready for Kindergarten. But are we?!!  Not so much. I’m going to have a very hard time with my little sweetheart beginning her official school career. I just can’t believe she is at this stage already.

We have decided to send our kids to a nearby Mandarin / English bilingual school. It’s a fantastic program here in our city and we feel privileged to be able to access it. That said, I am nervous about our ability to help with homework, etc. I also know that this means Paul and I are committing to learn Mandarin as well (just perhaps on a different schedule from the kids) so the kids see that we too are embracing the language of their birth country (not just making them embrace it!). So, I am nervous but also excited.

Picnik collage

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  • What a beautiful outfit. It's so special to have a such a treasure than can travel through the generations.ReplyCancel

  • Great post!

    I was totally waiting to see a picture of you wearing that outfit too! 😉 The outfit is beautiful, it so doesn't look seventies! …it suits Claire so well. What a super idea for this 'joy of love' assignment!

    I'm so thrilled that you are going to learn Mandarin too, that's awesome! Lilah will be starting Mandarin Saturday school in September as well! I really should be more committed like yourself, we'll see! I am so not ready for this whole school thing, I can't even talk about it without tears. Oh man.


  • I like the outfit too, not too seventies… it is hard to watch them go off to school when they seem so little and vulnerable, but it is also fun to see them blossom and mature and learn and make friends.

    Claire will love school.ReplyCancel

  • That is so cool you have an outfit from when you were little. Got me to wondering where all mine are! Claire looks so sweet in it too. Love the kindergarten "test", she sure knows how to work around it!
    How wonderful for Claire and Ren to have the opportunity to attend an English/Mandarin bilingual school! I wish we had one here.ReplyCancel

  • This is a lovely post too. I cannot believe Claire will start school this fall. Wow. She looks like such a big girl in her first pic. The outfit is so adorable too. I also don't think it looks too 70s ;p And so great they are going to learn Mandarin with Mom and Dad too. She'll probably have fun teaching you guys — kids absorb stuff so easily!ReplyCancel

  • I have a big lump in my throat about kindergarten too. We were touring the school and Caia was holding my hand tightly and looked up at me and said, "I'm a little bit nervous". I just about lost it right there! The Mandarin immersion program sounds great.

    I love that last photo grouping. Claire looks so grown up! I love the story about the outfit and the 3 generations. How special.ReplyCancel

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