Foto fatigue

I’ve got a bad case of photo fatigue. Sometimes I just get tired of experiencing life (literally) through a viewfinder. I don’t often tote my camera around town with the kids for that very reason and this past week, I’ve even been avoiding the camera for photo ops around the house. It’s not for lack of ideas or cuteness – quite the contrary, in fact. I’m just not motivated to capture the moments (other than in my memory of course!) and then to spend my time organizing and editing the images. I usually LOVE the editing process as much if not more than taking the actual pictures but instead of doing that or reading fiction on my Kindle (my other favourite past-time), I’ve been … gulp, watching T.V. Maybe I just need a rest from my hobbies!

In any event, I’ll be back to my old self next week when we go on vacation. Maybe I’m just subconsciously giving myself a rest now knowing that I’ll be in full-on, crazy mamarazzi mode for two weeks very soon.

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  • That's exactly it. You're saving yourself for THE BEST! Lucky girl. Now I would love a great beach photo opportunity at this very minute. Did I mention how lucky you are? And I am just surmising your going to a beach. Where else, when you live in Canada and have already experienced below zero temperatures for 4 months already, and there's still at least a couple more to go!

    Lucky lucky lucky! Have lots of fun, like I need to say that! 🙂


  • I should also mention that I really do miss your posts and photos. I'm having Claire and Ren withdrawals.


  • I also go through stages like this, and I too, miss when you don't post photos! You will be inspired next week!!! And I can hardly wait to see what you bring back with you… wish I could come along.

    I am reading The Thirteenth Tale and loving it!ReplyCancel

  • I know how you feel. I've been lacking motivation and desire for photography lately. I'm sure it'll come back. Maybe I should take a break like you instead of trying to fight it. Enjoy your reading and other past times. I'm sure you'll capture some great moments during your vacation and maybe some of them might even be seen through a viewfinder. Have a great time!ReplyCancel

  • Yup, I know what you're saying. Sometime ya just need a break. When you return to it, you'll feel so refreshed!ReplyCancel

  • yes, there is something to be said for living in the moment, but it can be overwhelming to want to record things properly. Your rest will probably serve you welll. Looking forward to hearing about your holidays. Don't forget to toast me on my birthday with an umbrella drink (thank you for the card!). -StephanieReplyCancel

  • Have a great holiday! I think you'll be reinvigorated with a change of scenery. Don't forget that February is a huge month with lots of milestones and photo ops so you've probably already exceeded your monthly photo-taking quota. But I look forward to vacation pics. Have fun!ReplyCancel

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