Ren’s favourite toys

Ren loves all of his toys but his Buzz Lightyear and Woody figures are especially well-loved. He carries them everywhere throughout the house: from his room, to the living room, to the downstairs family room and back again, at least a couple of times a day. He carries one in each hand. I tried to get a picture of that today (you know, focused on the bottom half of him, cropped quite close) but it didn’t turn out. I’ll have to try that one again because it would really capture his little routine with these guys.

I really admire how my son plays. He plays with such intensity that I can just tell there is a mountain of imagination that goes into each little scenario he creates.

Check out this scenario:

Yes, that’s Woody being held prisoner (or something?) under Ren’s butt. Thankfully, Woody’s best pal Buzz  swooped in and saved the day. There is no end to the trouble these guys get themselves into but thankfully, they can always count on each other for a daring rescue.
Ren has all sorts of Toy Story memorabilia but I think anything with Buzz on it is his favourite. He has Buzz Lightyear underwear, pajamas (shown in these pics), the action figure, several smaller action figures (including “Baby Buzz” and “really Baby Buzz”) and books galore. And of course the movies, which we adults in the house enjoy as much as the kids.
I can’t help but think of Andy from Toy Story when I see Ren with his beloved Buzz and Woody. Andy has a small selection of very special toys, including Buzz and Woody, that he holds onto from childhood until he goes to college. I have a feeling that Ren, like Andy, will keep these toys a good long time. 
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  • Nice shots. It's great to see him enjoying his toys and his own company. I love the second shot. It looks like Woody's been beheaded. What processing did you use? Did you a preset on Lightroom?ReplyCancel

  • Really great shots. I love that you just captured him playing, not posing him in anyway.

    I love toy story too!ReplyCancel

  • Gosh, his eyes are gorgeous and intense in that last photo. And I love the idea of 'daring rescues!'. Goodness, the mind of a child is amazing and fabulous, isn't it?!

    Love your crops in these photos too. And your flash is brilliant. I really gotta get out and buy!


  • OK, I just can't help thinking when I see that sweet face that he's is so going to break a ton of hearts! I love how he loves his 'guys'ReplyCancel

  • Shelley: I used an action in Photoshop. It's from Florabella, my favourite source for such goodies!ReplyCancel

  • Wow, Ren looks really "grown up" in this last shot!ReplyCancel

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