My sunshine

This little girl is my sunshine. She’s truly got a sunny personality. She’s pretty much always happy (except for when she’s not!!!) and when she laughs her big belly laugh, everyone notices and relishes the sound.
She’s also got the patience of a saint! I say that because today while Ren was in school, she let me take more pics of her while she played outside. I’m trying to experiment with photographing a subject whose back is to the sun to achieve that ethereal kind of look (particularly around the hair) and a bit of sun flare. I didn’t really get it right, but I like these anyway.
In the next one, you can’t even see the backlit effect because I cropped it so closely. I just liked something about it.
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  • Lovely photos. What a sweetheart. My baby girl has such a great personality too.ReplyCancel

  • She's absolutely beautful, inside and out.

    The lighting is amazing, I adore golden glows! And the way her pigtails stand out in that first picture, well, it just makes me smile.

    Our girls would get along so well. They are two of a kind. Patient & Sunny. 🙂 And I know it makes us, you and I, the happiest Mamas in the world!


  • She is beautiful and these are beautiful photos, I love the light behind her. She is a very patient sister and has been a great example for Ren. You are a lucky mama!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful pics. The lighting really does seem to go with her personality. My favourite is the last one. I like the cropping you did. She's got amazing eyelashes by the way – lucky girl.ReplyCancel

  • Incredible shots! You are really mastering the art of photography.ReplyCancel

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