Ren’s birthday

Note: I usually only post photos taken on manual / semi-manual with natural light but I’m making an exception to post these of Ren’s birthday. I didn’t want to mess around with trying to get the light right so I used flash and the automatic settings.

I think Ren had a really good birthday! We celebrated his fourth birthday – his second with us – in Saskatoon with family. We wanted him to be fussed over a lot and he was! A huge thank you to our families for making Ren feel so special on his big day!

On the Friday (his birthday), we celebrated with Paul’s family. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and then headed over to the Fun Factory for some shenanigans. Ren had a total blast there! He loved climbing and sliding.

Claire for some reason was nervous about climbing very high but they both had a lot of fun playing all the games there.

After a good couple of hours, we headed back to Baba and Dido’s. And what awaited Ren there was a big surprise!

Paul’s parents had ordered this awesome balloon creation of Ren’s favourite character, as well as an Ari*l mermaid balloon for Claire. They are huge and so much fun!

After all that fun, we worked up quite an appetite. It was time for Ren’s traditional birthday feast: KFC!

For those of you who followed our blog about Ren’s adoption, you might remember that he turned two in China after we were matched with him but before we went to get him. His orphanage took him and a bunch of other kids to KFC to celebrate his birthday!

And finally, the cake!

Isn’t that sweet how Paul’s dad had Ren help him cut the cake?!

The rest of that day was spent opening presents, playing with said presents, and enjoying each other’s company and the kids’ crazy dance moves.

The next day was Ren’s party at Grandma’s house with my side of the family. Several of my siblings and their families live in Saskatoon and they all gathered to celebrate our little geezer. Ren had so much fun playing with his big cousins, Liam and Mia, and of course, his big sis, Claire. They played too many games to mention but one involved hiding in one of Grandma’s guest bedrooms under the bed. I have no idea why!

Grandma made a beautiful lunch and then we had yet more cake – and yes, it was Lightning McQue*n once again!

See a theme here?!

After Ren opened gifts, Uncle Lawrence was put to work assembling one of the gifts and then the kids got to play! (There were other gifts requiring assembly which we were fortunately able to put off until we got home!) 

Check out how Ren guards his space in air hockey. The bigger kids were so nice about Ren taking over pretty much the whole table!

After two full days of partying, a van full of new toys and two happy pre-schoolers, we headed back home on Sunday. It was a great visit, and we are so grateful to our hosts and those who attended Ren’s parties. Thank you also to all of those who sent birthday wishes!

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  • It's been way too long since I've checked the blog however it is always a delight to see all the wonderful pictures and read about the kids' antics. Of course, Ren was in our hearts on his birthday. We are so looking forward to the annual gingerbread house decorating.ReplyCancel

  • OH my, could that birthday have been more fun! And not so much work for you! That was a great plan!! Glad he had an awesome time…those cakes and the t-shirt were great:)ReplyCancel

  • You took these photos on automatic w/ flash. I am SO impressed. I want your camera, because there is no way mine takes beautiful pictures like that on those settings.

    The first picture is absolutely faboulous, his smile is incredible. The joy.

    Love love love his 4 shirt.


  • Looks like an amazing Lightening McQueen birthday! Every little boys dream! I love the shirt and that balloon… he is one good looking boy!ReplyCancel

  • Have you ever seen a happier little boy?! Ren looks like he was ready to pop with excitement! Love the balloon and special birthday t-shirt.ReplyCancel

  • Looks like everybody had a great time, especially
    Ren. You're right, there's definitely a theme working throughout. I love his shirt – the one with a 4 and his name on it. Happy belated bday, Ren! Wish you all the best in the year ahead.ReplyCancel

  • He looks 4 now!! I'm glad he had a wonderful birthday. I love that you all were able to spend it with extended family this year. The cakes were terrific too.ReplyCancel

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