Red threads and red tutus

Today is my husband Paul’s birthday. Happy Birthday, honey! And no, if you’re wondering from the title of this post if I’m going to post photos of Paul in a red tutu, I’m not! I have yet to subject Paul all by himself to my camera-frenzy, so I won’t be posting any photos of him at all right now, in red tutu or otherwise!

In the Chinese adoption community, we celebrate “red thread” connections. For those not familiar with adoption from China, you may not know what I mean by “red thread”. Hopefully this helps explain:

Most of you who know our adoption stories know that Paul’s birthday is a red thread day for our family. We had been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for our adoption referral. There were times I wondered if it was going to happen at all. But life goes on, and we chose to celebrate Paul’s birthday that year in Jasper at the beautiful lodge there. As the day approached, however, we realized that omigosh, it might actually be our turn: we might actually be referred a baby soon! Just in case, I let our social worker know our plans for Jasper and supplied her with our cell phone numbers and email addresses.

And then it actually happened. We got the referral call on our drive to Jasper. We had a daughter! Paul and I will never forget that moment – and the rest of that weekend for that matter. It was the best birthday present Paul could ever receive.

But the plot thickens! That weekend, as we revelled in the news of our daughter, a baby boy was born in China. A boy that would become our son some 27 months later. Unbeknownst to us, we became parents twice over that weekend to two of the sweetest kids in the world.

So, every December 1, I have a lot to celebrate! I celebrate my incredible husband for being the silliest, kindest, smartest, most loving man I could ever imagine. I celebrate my beautiful daughter for being the answer to my dreams of parenthood and for simply being the most amazing little girl I know. And I celebrate my sweet son for completing our family and being the incredible little boy he is.

Now, to the “red tutu” part of the post …  After my last attempt at Christmas photos on Saturday, we started decorating for Christmas. I couldn’t help getting a few pictures of Claire with the “red thread” ornament I bought awhile back.


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