My beautiful niece

My niece, Sonia, turned sixteen about a week before I took these photos of her. She sooooo didn’t want to be my model but of course, I got my way. (I think of myself as persuasive; others might say I nag!)  Anyway, I think it’s important to have photos of yourself from this age when you are young and just naturally gorgeous. You might not like them at the time but you’ll appreciate them later!

We had fun shopping together when her family visited us in November. I’m sure I was a total embarrassment to her though! We went to all sorts of youngish stores that I do not usually frequent and found myself saying old fogie type things like, “Geez, it sure is dark in here!” and “I can barely hear myself think with this loud music playing!”  She bought this cute pink checked shirt on that shopping trip.

I don’t usually love my own photos in black and white but I really like this one. But I like it in colour too:

Which do you prefer?

Sonia has gorgeous features. Her lips really remind me of my sister’s. Why didn’t I get the gene for full lips?! And her Hello Kitty barrette reminds me of Claire. Because it is Claire’s! I like that Sonia wanted to wear that cheeky barrette.

Thanks, Sonia, for letting me capture a few pics of you!  They are some of my favourite portraits!

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  • Sonia's a great sport and a beautiful model. I'm sure she'll appreciate these photos one day. I like all the pics. The one you did in colour and b&w are both nice but I think I have a slight preference for the b&w. Great shots!ReplyCancel

  • She is a very pretty girl. She will appreciate them someday when she is old like we are!ReplyCancel

  • She's a beautiful girl, and a terrific big sister too.ReplyCancel

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