Christmas in Saskatoon, Part One

We spent Christmas in Saskatoon with family and although we’ve been back a couple of days now, I’m just getting to my photos now. It’ll take a good while to sort them all out – I took a lot as usual.

One of the highlights for me of the trip this year was going to the Western Development Museum. The main reason I wanted to go was because they have an exhibit there of a series of window displays that I remember from my childhood. They were originally built for Eaton’s in Winnipeg in 1946 and I first saw them probably in the early 1980s when they were displayed in Saskatoon’s Midtown Plaza. I remember them only hazily but I remember them as being something special.

The displays are as cute as I remember them, and I’m glad my children will now have memories (if only through photographs) of them too. My nephew Liam also came with us.

The rest of the Museum was also fun to explore. I have been there before a few times but never during the Christmas season. I was impressed with the Christmas decorations everywhere – both big and little touches throughout the displays.

We ended up meeting Stu and his girlfriend Christina at the Museum too. They are pictured below in front of the Hardware Store.

Ren loved the big steam train!

Of everything at the Museum, I think that Ren enjoyed the model trains the most. There are quite a few models and train sets there, and he was in awe of each and every one. Claire liked them quite a bit too. You wouldn’t believe how fast she spotted a train car carrying actual candy canes! I think she wanted to eat them. Yuck, those candy canes have probably been there for decades!

For all of the photos on this post, except for two, I went without flash and instead used only the minimal available light. I had to push my ISO as high as 3200 but I kind of like the dark, graininess of these photos. I used flash for the photo of Ren on the steam engine and for our little group shot in front of the Christmas tree.

More Saskatoon photos to follow in a day or two.

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  • A beautiful post! Thanks for sharing. I can't believe you shot with existing light. Did you also put through a Photoshop effect? The colours are awesome and I don't even notice any grain. The WD Museum looks super cool in your photos. Really vintage looking. Ren looks great on that train!!ReplyCancel

  • What an amazing and beautiful step back into the past. Thanks for sharing. I agree that the lighting along with the editing really gave your pics a vintage look. Another successful post!ReplyCancel

  • I love the WDM! We were there with Shea and Caia and Lorraine and Adia for the Festival of Trees and had a lovely time. I remember the Eaton's display from when I was a child and never tire of seeing it.
    I'm glad you had time to see it for yourselves and make some new memories for Claire and Ren.ReplyCancel

  • Wow. I love detail photographs like these. The beauty if found in these things. You are amazing!ReplyCancel

  • I thought you'd put an 'action' on these photos, they are just beautiful, and the layout are gorgeous too. Your photography is an inspiration to me.


  • Yep – I applied an action to most of these. I used one of the Florabella vintage actions but I forget which one. Her actions always add the perfect polish for whatever look I'm going for (at least to my eyes!).ReplyCancel

  • YESSSSS! Gorgeous layouts too!!! I really love the wreath w ice skates — very retro!! Would make a lovely Christmas card ;pReplyCancel

  • I love WDM, especially at Christmas. These photos are beautiful. The lighting there is tricky but you wouldn't know it with your photos. I bet the kids loved the trains.ReplyCancel

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