Pumpkin guts and giggles

We had a really fun afternoon today. Monday afternoon is the only weekday afternoon both kids are home from school so today was the day for making our jack-o-lanterns. The kids had a blast emptying the pumpkin of its seeds and pulp. I love how goofy Claire and Ren are. They both got right into it, squishing the pulp in their hands and pulling it all out with gusto. In some of the photos above, it may look like they are eating the pulp. They’re not! They were doing that to gross me out – and it worked!
When the pumpkins were pretty much clean inside, I got the kids to separate the seeds from the pulp so that we can roast them later. Yummy! While they did that, I carved the pumpkins to their specifications. They both wanted spooky pumpkins. I’m not sure I hit the mark but Claire and Ren were thrilled anyway.

We just returned last night from a spontaneous road trip to Calgary. I’m still trying to get through our photos from our excursion but will post them as soon as I can.

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  • I cannot get over what hams those two are!! I bet they just egg each other on:) Very funny.ReplyCancel

  • Oh my goodness, these photo's are priceless!!

    You're children are so funny and spirited! Love it!


  • Those two have such a blast together! And they were grossing me out to, pretending to eat the pumpkin guts. Yuck! Looks like fun!ReplyCancel

  • Such silly kids! Your jack 'o lanterns turned out great! Isn't Halloween fun?!ReplyCancel

  • They definitely look like they were having fun. They made the 'eating' look pretty believable. Kids can really push their parents' buttons, eh? Great pics.ReplyCancel

  • Jack O'Lanterns looked pretty scary to me and it looks like everyone had a lot of fun!ReplyCancel

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