Ukrainian Village

We had to cancel our plans to go to the Okanagan this fall because Paul can’t get away from work right now so this past weekend, we consoled ourselves with a little family day trip. Paul is of Ukrainian heritage and I have a bit of Ukrainian in me as well so we decided it was high time to visit the nearby Ukrainian Village.
It’s a lovely little park. There are businesses to visit (a blacksmith’s shop, a gas station, lumber yard, etc.) and homes from different eras. The kids particularly liked the mud hut homes. They played in those homes while I thanked my lucky stars to be born in modern times.
A constant in all the gardens there is dill. My favourite Ukrainian dish has loads of dill in it so it seemed appropriate to find it everywhere in the Ukrainian Village.

The kids loved playing on an old tractor in the park. They took turns “driving”.

My favourite photos of the day feature the same tractor. I think Ren and Claire look like a little farmer and his wife. Here, the farmer and his wife are just finishing their little break in the fields.
Back to work. Isn’t it nice how the farmer’s wife rides along for company?

In the next one, I think it looks like they are turning towards some unexpected visitors. The little farmer’s wife looks happy to see them but the farmer looks disgruntled, as if, “Ugh, they’re interrupting my work!”

That one’s my favourite.

Just a couple of random pics:
Not to be outdone by Claire striking a pose, this pig ran up to me at the fence and gave me some great eye contact. What a little cutie, huh?
Our day at the Village ended with delicious “Baba’s specials”: perogies, cabbage rolls and sausage. It was heaven, and absolutely perfect to conclude our visit. It didn’t occur to me until after I wolfed down my share that I should have taken a photo of our feast.
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  • I have some photography and Ukrainian Village envy here! 🙂 And I recognise Claire's boots, from Joe, only we bought them in the safe black colour! Maybe I should try the non-safe colours for a change! Her Gap cardigan matches perfectly!

    I can't believe you guys are already in winter gear! I noticed Claire's first day of school picture's – she was wearing boots too!

    And would you look at that perfect model pose, no not the pig!

    Lovely lovely and more lovely.

  • Great photos Monica! I haven't been out there for so long, I almost forgot it was even there! The food is making my ukrainian side of me hungry and maybe I should make some cabbage rolls, mmmmm… the kids wouldn't be too impressed.

    I love the photo of Claire with the attitude… wait until she is a teenager!ReplyCancel

  • I'm envious of all the places you have to visit! Great photos of your little farming couple, they're so cute together.ReplyCancel

  • More great photos. I love the tractor shots. Those 'little' farmers are just too cute. I also love the one of Paul and the kids. The village looks like a beautiful place to visit. Very quaint and a nice compromise. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful pics.ReplyCancel

  • These are amazing pictures Monica! Seriously, you have a new career if you ever chose to go into photography! I am blown away again!ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous purple sweater, was gonna ask where you got it, but I see Jill mentioned GAP! Yes, such attitude in that picture! What a perfect little model.ReplyCancel

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