Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting*

*Thanks to Carl Douglas for that awesome line from one of the catchiest songs in the world.

Ren started Kung Fu back in May, and Claire joined him in early July after her ballet class (held at the same time) finished for the year. Claire got into it immediately but then, this wasn’t her first unparented class. Ren was excited about Kung Fu at home but was really reluctant to join in class.

For several weeks, Paul or I would stand next to him in class and coax him through the motions. Once Claire joined, Paul and I sat with the rest of the parents on the sides and Claire became Ren’s supporter instead. It wasn’t until he saw a child receive a purple belt that he got motivated. Suddenly, he realized what he was working for! (And we realized at the same time that he can be motivated in this way.) Now he’s right in there, and the funny thing is that Claire now sometimes acts shy or clings to me just as class begins. It’s like they’ve switched roles. Thankfully Claire gets into class too after a few tears on such days.

All summer long as we tested the waters with Kung Fu, the kids just wore sweats and t-shirts. But in late August, we finally committed: we bought them uniforms. Or rather, I should say that Paul’s parents bought Ren’s as a special gift for his baptism and we bought Claire’s.

I took my camera to class today but I didn’t get the best photos because I had to stay to the side and couldn’t elbow my way to the best vantage point for both of my children. But at least I got a few shots:

When we got home, we took the kids to the park across the street for an outdoor class led first by Paul, then Ren, and then Claire. The kids love to act as Sifu (the teacher) and of course, Paul does crazy things as their students so they laugh and laugh.

Here are Ren and Claire in fighting form:

One of the things the kids practice in Kung Fu are the poses of the five animals of Kung Fu. They get pretty animated when they practice. Here’s the tiger pose:
And the leopard pose (Claire only – Ren was running around the park at this point):
The crane pose:

The dragon pose:

And the snake pose (Claire only):

Today in the park, Claire was more into posing while Ren was more into throwing punches:

Inspired by Ren, I tried to get Claire to do some punches too. But instead of “focusing her mind” (one of the three rules of concentration in Kung Fu), she got distracted by Ren’s hilarious antics behind me:
I think that one is so Claire, with her head thrown back in laughter like that.

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I often seem to go into furious blogging mode for a while, followed by a short break, but this time the break was a little longer than usual. Sorry about that!
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  • Wow. Claire and Ren look like real pros in their official uniforms! It's wonderful for them to be able to participate in the same activities.

    I can always hear Claire's giggle when I see pics like that last one!

  • I love the animal poses, so much fun and yet sooooo serious! I love the last one of Claire too, pure joy!ReplyCancel

  • Now there's a classic tune! That was the first 45 I ever bought as a kid and I still have it! Next time you visit we'll put it on for Claire and Ren and they can show us their moves. šŸ™‚

    Awesome photos. They look like miniature Kung Fu pros!ReplyCancel

  • We need to invent more words that mean precious, cute, and adorable! They are all three. Those two in those suits…and the poses. OH MY! Gave me a good chuckle:)ReplyCancel

  • Great pics. They are as always, adorable. You can't help but smile while looking at them do their various poses. However, being as cute as they are, they may need to work on their looks of intimation.ReplyCancel

  • Best. Post. Ever.ReplyCancel

  • Wow, so wicked! I love their Kung-Fu outfits. Glad to see they/you committed to joining Kung-Fu. The Tiger pose kills me. As well as I love Ren's throwing punches and Claire's silly laugh at the end. Too funny, thanks for posting šŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Too cute! I love the photo of the 2 kids together in the park. And the pose photos are terrific too. It's nice that this is an activity they can share together, and they look like they're really enjoying this. It was interesting to hear how motivating the purple belt is to Ren.ReplyCancel

  • You could use these photos in an advertising campaign for kung fu! They are precious!ReplyCancel

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