Claire’s first day of school

Well, Claire went off to school today like a seasoned pro. This is her third year at her nursery school and she’s actually in the same physical classroom as last year so everything felt very familiar to her. Further adding to her comfort level was the fact that one of her new teachers is a wonderful woman who taught her in the Toddler Room there the year before last.

It was cute when I picked Claire up after school because she was anxious to tell me about what was new in this higher level compared to last year. “We don’t wait in our cubbies anymore”, she told me. (Last year, they perched in their little open lockers while they waited for parents to arrive at the end of class.) “The play dresses are in a different spot”, and “downstairs at gym, we don’t get to play dress-up anymore.”

It’s hard to believe how grown-up Claire has become and that only a year from now, she’ll be starting Kindergarten. But I have a feeling she’ll be more than ready. It’s me who won’t be!
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  • Oh my, it does get you thinking to next year doesn't it? That look on her face is so priceless, shows her cheekier side:)ReplyCancel

  • A very observant young lady. She definitely looks ready to jump right into the routine. I hope the year ahead helps you get as ready for Kindergarten as Claire will be. Good luck.ReplyCancel

  • I love how excited she was over the things that were different. She is as cute as a button, and all ready for her first day I see!

    Great picture.


  • Happy Back to School, Claire! Have a fun year. You're looking very stlyin', by the way. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • My goodness she looks so grown up in this picture.ReplyCancel

  • Happy back to school Claire! What a pretty picture.ReplyCancel

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