This one’s for Dawn

(… in response to a comment Dawn made on my last post)

The countertops were just installed today actually. They look great! One piece (thankfully, the smallest little piece for a tiny space) broke on the way out of the warehouse today so the installers will have to come back in a few weeks once a new piece is cut.

I won’t be posting a full shot of the kitchen for some time, because nothing else is done. We’re still awaiting a couple of replacement cabinets, the toe-kicks, flooring and backsplash. But at least we now have a full countertop and sink, and we can get the plumbing hooked up again!
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  • Stop teasing us!ReplyCancel

  • You are just MEAN! I almost broke my mouse getting to your blog because I was so excited.


  • I love it! I can't wait to see the whole package. You must be very happy to see it coming together.ReplyCancel

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