Prairie Gardens

On Wednesday, the kids and I drove to Prairie Gardens, just north of our city. We usually go there at least once a year to play. It’s a little rough around the edges in some ways (for example, very old playsets) but also very pretty in that there are gorgeous little pockets of flowers here and there.More importantly, this place offers a lot of fun, with different play areas, a petting zoo, corn mazes, and wagon rides.

As we walked up, we saw that several new little “storefronts” were under construction and I read that they are building a little ghost-town. Next to it was their old haunted house (really, just a shed). Casually, I teased the kids, “Hey, do you want to go in the haunted house?” but as I finished my question, a nearby worker started up a power tool. My question, combined with the sudden loud noise, set Claire and Ren off on a serious squealing session. Omigosh, I haven’t seem them that scared, ever. Poor little pumpkins.

After that, they were kind of spooked in general. There are some fun and kinda scary pirate props that I thought Ren would love but the kids were too scared to go near. Even the corn mazes – one of the main reasons I love visiting here – was spooky to them. Now, I didn’t expect to actually go through a maze but I thought the kids would enjoy seeing the tall corn and I could take some fun snapshots. Here are the kids entering one of the kids’ mazes:

And I swear, they got another 10 feet in, stopped, began to panic and ran out. Oh well.

The kids both really loved the tire swing, hung from a massive old tree.

And they had a lot of fun taking turns pushing each other on this tree swing:
Claire actually exclaimed at one point, “I’m good at pushing Ren on the swing, heh? I’m better at this than you, Mom!”

The gardens also have several of these types of things for cheesy yet fun photo ops:
Oh, the gardens are also a u-pick (berries and veggies) but you can buy the goods already picked instead if you want. We had just missed the strawberry season, unfortunately.

There are lots of benches and colourful walls / doorways around the gardens and I kept trying to get the kids to sit on them for photos. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Finally, I got them to sit still for a minute, way up high on a bale. But the lighting was awful and the photos didn’t really turn out. I’ve tried to salvage one just because it was a cute moment between the kids:The kids loved their wagon ride around the farm. They later told me it was their favourite part of our visit there.

I thought the old blue tractor pulling the wagon was really cool-looking. There was some old machinery tucked in behind sheds and things. My dad would have been interested to see some of it, I think. There was also this old truck near the parking area. I thought the purple was unusual but cool-looking.

All of our outings lately involve ice cream. I’m happy to see that Ren loves my old favourite, Tiger Tiger! I think he initially chose it because it is orange – his favourite colour. Claire got Mango this time, or “Mango Mango” as she kept calling it (influenced by Tiger Tiger, I’m sure).

I wonder where we’ll have ice cream next?!
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  • Molly,
    Love the photos and glad to see the kids still wearing the xmas hoodies!
    The pics remind me a bit of the ones you took of my moms garden. They are beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • You know where all the cool places are! Looks like a charming little farm. And by the way, mine and Micah's favorite ice cream is Tiger Tiger too.ReplyCancel

  • Rustic but beautiful. You got lots of great pics. I'm envious of Micah. I used to have Tiger Tiger ice cream when I was a kid but haven't been able to get any for years. It's a strange but yummy combo.
    I was also wondering, do you use Photoshop for your signature? I'd like to adapt mine. Any advice/help would be appreciated. Thanks.ReplyCancel

  • This place looks so cool! Your shots are beautiful. You should show these to the place and see if they'd like to buy any for use in a brochure. You really captured all the gardens beautifully. I like the picture using that colour filter.ReplyCancel

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