Butterflies and ice cream

The other day, the kids and I did a field-trip to nearby Dev*nian Botanical Gardens. They have extensive gardens there of all sorts, but we really made the trip to see the butterflies. There are scores of beautiful butterflies fluttering around in a special pavillion filled with tropical plants and water features.

The kids were really excited to see the butterflies so close. This was eating (drinking?) from this plant:

That particular type of butterfly was not at all shy. It regularly stopped on foliage near the path, which explains why I have so many pictures of it (as you’ll see below). Others were more elusive. There was a large butterfly with a stunning periwinkle blue on the inside of its wings, with brown on the outside, but I never did catch a good photo of it unfortunately.

Occasionally, we’d stop on a path and fail to see any butterflies around at all. That’s when Claire would break out her “butterfly dance”. She thought it would attract them, you see.

Ren tolerated the dance but did not participate.
I do think it was effective, though, because right after her most vigourous dance moves, this butterfly appeared:

Elsewhere, we had just stopped to watch a butterfly fly by when it suddenly came to rest on the ground right by the children’s feet (see bottom right of the photo below):
When we all finally had enough of the butterflies, we had a little lunch at the cafe and then headed to the Japanese garden. It is absolutely stunning. My favourite time for this garden is fall so I’ll definitely try to get there in late September or early October for more pictures.

After that, we tried to make it to another part of the gardens but mosquito bites and tired little legs (obviously not mine!) got the better of us. Ice cream was the only remedy!

Isn’t it funny how my girl chose pink (cotton candy) and my son chose blue (bubble gum)? Strange. This next photo isn’t the best (Ren’s eyes are partly closed) but I had to include it here for the sheer sweetness of the moment. Claire wanted to try Ren’s flavour, so he offered her a taste. Sometimes they seem just like a little old married couple.

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  • Beautiful… Much greener than when I went in the spring!ReplyCancel

  • Great photos, Monica! I love seeing Ren and Claire together…ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful spot and such wonderful photos!


  • What beautiful butterflies AND children! Your blog was recommended to me by my friend Dawn. I'm so glad she directed me your way. You take amazing photos. Your children will have such a wonderful collection of portraits. By the way, I love the family portraits you did for Dawn. I think I will learn a lot visiting your blog. Thanks in advance.ReplyCancel

  • So adorable! The feeding shot is very cute indeed. The butterfly pictures you took are gorgeous. Really, you could sell them. And I love Claire's butterfly dance. The shot of Ren tolerating the dance is great ;pReplyCancel

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