A little harvest

For the first time in years, we planted some veggies this spring. It was really for the kids’ benefit and interest. Like me, they were all gung-ho in the spring about planting, watering and weeding. And like me, they lost interest over summer. Before we knew it, the plants were huge and the weeds even bigger!

But at least, there were some fruits of our (early) labour.

The kids were excited to eat carrots from our garden. They stared at them as if they had never seen carrots before! But I guess they aren’t used to seeing them with the greenery still on 🙂
My two little rabbits:

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  • There's nothing like a carrot straight from the garden with the greens (and a little dirt) still on. And peas!! Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about fresh peas…


  • I agree with Girard, there's nothing like fresh produce from the garden. Yummy!ReplyCancel

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