Candy necklaces

Today the kids had candy necklaces for the first time. It was astonishing to see how fast they figured out how to consume the sweet stuff.

Claire got into it first.

Ren was a close second but only after enjoying a couple of minutes of just wearing his colourful piece of man jewelry.

And then, chomp:

Claire had been looking forward to this for several days. Just before this picture I had asked if she liked the necklace. This was the face she made:

Claire actually established a method for eating the beads: pull, chomp, pull, chomp …

Ren wasn’t as methodical about his necklace. He just spent a lot of time smiling, biting, and opening his eyes wide in surprise / excitement. He’s turning into a big ham!

I was busy snapping away with my camera when this vision suddenly appeared in my viewfinder:The candy was GONE! I swear, it seemed like just a couple of minutes. I was actually intending to convince the kids to just eat a part of the candy and save the rest for later. But my little candy fiend beat me to it. Ren finished right away too. Oops.

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