A girls’ weekend

This past weekend, I spent the weekend in Calgary with some of my best friends in the world. We are childhood friends and have relationships that go back as far as 30 years (for the Kindergarten subgroup) and high school for others. We were only missing one VIP: our friend Daria (a.k.a Dolly, Dareloy), another good friend since Kindergarten.

This was my first girls’ weekend since having my babies and it was much overdue! There is nothing like spending time with these women to recharge my batteries. We spent time at the spa and some restaurants but mostly, we just visited at the homes of Lesley and Alisha and talked up a storm. It was awesome!

On Saturday evening before going out for dinner, I harassed the ladies into modelling for me. They were extremely reluctant but they kindly humoured me. In the end, I think they were glad I was so annoyingly forceful.

I think they are all so beautiful, inside and out.




And Kelsey:

I know it’s not fair that there are no pictures of me here so I’m going to subject myself to the same process and will post one or two sometime in the near future. I need them anyway to complete a collage we talked about doing with our photos.

***UPDATE*** So, I’ve taken some pictures of myself. I’m very self-conscious and I have a feeling that the pictures I actually don’t mind of myself are quite ridiculous. But here goes:

I hope that gave you a good giggle!
Lova ya, girls!

(Thanks to Kelsey for the group photo! That was the only photo here I didn’t take.)
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  • Molly,
    Thanks for convincing us to be your models. We will treasure these photos for years to come.

  • It is great to have girlfriends. You look gorgeous in your photos!ReplyCancel

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