The sandbox

Paul built a sandbox for the kids this weekend. (We resisted it for so long opting instead to go to our nearby park but I’m loving the time we spend in our yard these days.)

The entire time Paul was building the sandbox, the kids would check on him and Claire would ask in great anticipation, “When is it going to be done?”
When it was done and we started putting the sand in (while the kids were already in it), Ren started squealing in delight. I swear, he hasn’t stopped squealing in there yet and it’s been two days already! Paul thinks that Ren didn’t really understand what Paul was building and that it only hit him when the sand finally entered the box. Whatever the case, the boy loves it – more so than playing with sand at the park, oddly enough.
One of the first things we noticed about Ren and something that continues to this day is that he has an amazing imagination when he is playing. With a toy or two in hand, he creates elaborate scenarios that keep him occupied for long periods at a time. Indoors, he loves to play with his cars from the movie, Cars: Lightning McQueen, The King, Chick Hicks, and Mater. Outside, he quickly found sand toys to represent these favourite characters. He held them up to me one at a time, indicating that the red car was McQueen, the green guy was the naughty Chick Hicks and so on.Ren’s “Dido hat” has lost some of its nice shape but it’s still the hat of choice. It still bends Ren’s ears, though! I love Ren’s killer smile in this photo.
I’ll be able to post more candid photos like this from now on. I was having some major issues trying to get my manual settings right and a lot of my casual shots were coming out blurry. I thought it was one thing for awhile and finally figured out it was another (well, really, it’s a combination but I finally solved the last piece of the puzzle).
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  • I love candid shots the most and am trying to get more of them myself. I love his little ears bent down like that and honestly, every little boy (and girl) needs a sand box!ReplyCancel

  • Wow! Amazing pictures. Who knew a little bit of dirt could bring so much joy and creativity?!!ReplyCancel

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