More camping photos

One of my favourite parts of our camping trip was playing Old Maid with the kids in the tent vestibule. Paul taught the kids how to play the game awhile ago but I often don’t play the game with them (opting instead for a little break while they play with Daddy). I never knew what I was missing!
Whenever it was time for someone to pick a card from Ren’s hand, he would resist! In doing so, we’d all get a good look at his cards. I must admit I cherry-picked his cards later when it was my turn to pick from him.

But I wasn’t the only cheater – honest! Here are some cute co-conspirators:

Here’s a photo from the kids’ stone game where one would present a stone for the other’s approval. I think Claire rejected this stone. Doesn’t she just look like a little bossy-boss?
Later that day when the kids were taking turns on the stumps pretending to be performers, Ren kept galantly offering Claire his hand for assistance whenever she stepped down from the stump. Soon, they were running all over the campsite, hand in hand. Sweet moments are aplenty, with these two around.

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