One of my favourite spring flowers is lilacs. They remind me of my childhood. Actually, nearly all of my favourite flowers remind me of my childhood, which is probably why they are my favourites!
We had huge bushes of these surrounding our house when I was growing up. Light purple was always my favourite but we also had white. The scent of lilacs takes me back to that yard and all the fun I had there.
Claire had a little fun with lilacs today. She happily held this bouquet while I snapped away. Ren stood behind me and did bunny ears and various other goofy techniques to get Claire to smile or laugh.

Focal length: 85 mm
Aperature: f/4 for hands, f/8 – 10 for collage photos
Exposure: 1/1250 for hands, 1/125 for collage photos
ISO: 100
Manual mode
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