Practice, practice

I have a new lens for my camera that I’ve really been struggling with. The results can be amazingly sharp at the focus points but I’ve been having problems with it when I have it on autofocus – it can’t tell whether it should be focusing on the subject or the background. So I’ve been trying this week to use manual focus instead. Not so easy when you have kids hopping to and fro!
These are from yesterday morning. I didn’t get a great shot of Claire looking at the camera but I like these anyway. She makes every picture look beautiful! As for the technical stuff, I wanted to shoot with a wide aperture to create a nice bokeh (background blur) but really shouldn’t have shot this wide open because I didn’t get the crispness I was after for Claire’s image. Or maybe I didn’t focus in the right spot. Also, the light wasn’t great. I intended to get out there before 9 a.m. (maybe not even early enough at this time of year) but didn’t make it until 10. I should have shot in the shade instead to avoid harsh shadows across Claire’s face but figured I’d at least give this a shot. And now I know better.

Manual mode

Focal length: 85 mm
Aperature: ranged between f/2.8 – 3.2
Exposure: 1/1600 sec.
ISO: 100
Manual focus
Processed with Florabella textures and actions
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  • I think they are absolutely beautiful! Of course Claire is gorgeous…ReplyCancel

  • Stunning. Claire looks like she's about 12 years old.ReplyCancel

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