A hat like Dido’s

In a store recently, Ren was drawn to a hat that resembles his Dido’s (his beloved grandpa – Paul’s dad). How could I resist buying it for him? It didn’t hurt that the hat would be a great prop for a photo shoot!

I really like how these turned out. Ren’s smile is just so amazing and his eyes catch the light beautifully. The only possibly funny thing is that the hat kept pushing his ears forward! I repeatedly pushed his ears back but it was no use – that hat was going to have its way with Ren’s flexible ears. Oh well. I think it’s actually pretty cute. Those are just his soft little ears and the way they work.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XT (my only SLR)


Focal length: 85mm

Aperature: f/5.6

Exposure: 1/80

ISO: 100

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  • Too funny. I did not even notice the ears when I looked at them the first time!! Just his handsome face and laughing eyes:)ReplyCancel

  • These are gorgeous shots of your little man! I didn't notice the ears either. You are way too hard on yourself mama.ReplyCancel

  • I didn't notice the ears either, just how cute he is and how that hat really suits him! I am really glad you started this blog!ReplyCancel

  • Happy to see you back blogging, Monica!

    What beautiful photos of Ren! You certainly have an eye for the perfect pose and I can't wait to see all the great photos you'll be posting.ReplyCancel

  • So excited to join you here, Monica! I love seeing the photos that you take. Ren is adorable, as always. Looking forward to seeing lots more! xoReplyCancel

  • Great idea for a new blogspot! I love your main photo, especially with the framing. I'm trying to push myself to look at things in a new way, and I think that was a perfect example.

    Terrific photos of Ren! What a smile. I also love the blue colour against the browns.

    You're going to need a big gallery wall to hang all of these photos.ReplyCancel

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