A beginning

I really struggle with photography. I love planning portraits, taking them, selecting the best shots, and editing them but … I also get pretty frustrated with myself when things don’t turn out the way I imagined. I’m using my camera’s manual settings for most portraits these days, and I can see that the results are worth it when I get it right; when I choose the wrong settings, though, it drives me insane to see that I’ve messed up an otherwise incredible capture of my child.

I’ve been sharing photos with friends and family on Facebook for a while now – ever since I stopped doing my adoption blogs – but I decided I was ready to blog again with a new focus: photography. This will not be a blog of “perfect” photos. This will be a blog of imperfect photos as I make my way towards being a better child photographer (amateur, that is!).

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  • Hi Monica – I love what you've done – sharing your creativity and joy of photography is such a special gift for me. And of course, seeing the children in such delightful poses and settings. You have such a gift! I look forward to the next pics!

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